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Food Catering Website

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May-Jun 2020

Food Catering Website Redesign

The St. George Catering Co. website design was very outdated and needed a fresh set of eyes to help redesign the user interface behaviours. The challenge was to upgrade website look and feel to make the application look more modern as well as user friendly while maintaining the existing structure and layout of the website.

Figure One: Old Ordering System


Cleaned up visibility of the content by removing unnecessary accordions and using cards to display various catering menu items and packages. Consolidated menus into proper groups for clear navigation. Created minimalistic and clean design with special iconography for cater to user’s dietary  needs. Kept the left and right sidebars in a sticky layout for convenient shopping experience.

Style Guide

Heading - Avenir LT Std 95 Black

Paragraph - Avenir LT Std 95 Medium

Figure Two: Low fidelity sketches

High Fidelity Designs