June 7, 2020
2 mins

Why UX design is essential for businesses. Why invest in it?

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UX design is the buzzword in digital marketplace. Ever since businesses have realized that designs are more about how they feel rather than how they look, the need for unique UX designs has surfaced in the digital soup of innovation.

In simple terms, UX design can be described as a holistic approach which involves developing product and service design solutions focused solely on their purpose of usage rather than aesthetic appeal only. UX designers not only map the points of customer intent from start till the end of a session but also work to boost user experience in every possible way.

Here is why you should invest in UX design development for your business.

Create strong first impression

Did you know that more than half of your website visitors judge the reputation of your business within a second of visiting your digital handle? UX design helps you in grabbing all the possible opportunities to magnetize the attention of visitors towards the right design elements on your website. Once your UX design successfully offers great speed, navigation, creativity and clarity to your site/app visitors, it becomes easy to leave long-lasting, positive impressions on the target audience. Thus, you can enjoy a good reputation, more sales and definitely, more profit.

Figure one: Wireframing and high fidelity mockups with Sketch

Remarkable ROI

Despite the common misconception of excessive cost, UX designs pretty much pay off above and beyond the amount you invest on them initially. The remarkable increase in ROI brought by UX designs is a cumulative product of multiple factors like:

  • A great UX design cuts down support costs for your business
  • Friendly UX designs boost customer retention and offer more brand exposure
  • Easy-to-understand UX designs lower customer acquisition costs resulting in more profit
  • UX design boosts the buying experience and facilitates in increasing your market shares